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South Parramatta Granville Preschool Adopts Reconciliation Action Plan

Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)



South Parramatta Granville Preschool (SPGP) is committed to embedding First Nations perspectives into our everyday practices to create an inclusive and respectful environment. This Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) outlines the steps we will take to support the learning and development of children while recognising and valuing the rich and diverse cultures within our community. We aim to foster a sense of belonging and understanding among all children, families, and staff.


Acknowledgement of Country

Every morning, before our learning activities begin, educators and children at our Preschool participate in an Acknowledgement of Country. This practice helps children appreciate and respect the Traditional Owners of the Land on which we learn and play. It will be a simple, yet powerful way to start our day with mindfulness and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.


Incorporating First Nations Perspectives in Daily Activities

1. Small Group Gatherings:

During small group times, educators will gather with children on mats designed with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artwork. These sessions will include storytelling, songs, dances, and musical activities that reflect First Nations cultures.


2. Accessible Resources:

We will display Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources such as dolls, books, and musical instruments on shelves within children's reach. This ensures that these cultural elements are part of everyday learning and play.


3. Group Time Activities:

Group time activities will be designed to be inclusive, engaging, and sensory-based, allowing all children to participate, play, and explore. Activities will incorporate stories, art, songs and music from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.


Creating Inviting Learning Environments

1. Bush Tucker Garden:

In our outdoor environment, we will create a Bush Tucker Garden where children and educators can plant, care for, and learn about native plants used by First Nations peoples. This hands-on experience will teach children about sustainability and the importance of caring for nature.


2. Story Poles and Artworks:

We will add story poles and other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artworks to our garden. These will be created by local artists and will serve as a visual and cultural focal point in our outdoor space.

Staff Education and Training

1. Cultural Competency Training:

All staff members will undergo cultural competency training to ensure they understand and can effectively incorporate First Nations perspectives into their teaching practices. This training will cover the history, culture, and contributions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


2. Continuous Professional Development:

Staff will participate in ongoing professional development opportunities related to embedding First Nations perspectives in early childhood education. This includes workshops, seminars, and collaboration with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.


Community Engagement

1. Partnerships with Local Communities:

We establish partnerships with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to guide our practices and ensure they are respectful and authentic. This includes inviting community members to share their knowledge and skills with children and staff.


2. Celebrating Significant Dates:

SPGP will celebrate significant dates such as NAIDOC Week and National Reconciliation Week with activities that highlight the history, culture, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


Monitoring and Evaluation

1. Regular Review of RAP:

Our RAP will be reviewed regularly to ensure it remains relevant and effective. Feedback from staff, families, and the local community will be sought to improve our practices.


2. Measuring Progress:

We will measure progress through observations, feedback, and participation rates in activities related to First Nations perspectives. This will help us understand the impact of our RAP and identify areas for improvement.



Our preschool is dedicated to fostering a learning environment that respects and celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. Through the implementation of this RAP, we aim to create a space where all children can learn, grow, and thrive in a community that values diversity and inclusion.


A plan written in consultation with KU Inclusion Agency resources, educators, children and families and adopted on 4 July 2024.



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